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Make Money While Retired - How to quit your job now, make big money, and travel everywhere

Make Money While Retired and Earn $50 to $400 a DAY
while traveling anywhere in the world!

I show you, regardless of experience, how to earn thousands of dollars a month, retire when you feel like it, and pursue your dreams. I don't charge you anything. All you have to do is follow my instructions, reading and typing. This business requires almost no money to start. I will show you how to earn $50 to $400 a DAY and live forever traveling and vacationing anywhere in the world you choose to. It's easy, anyone can do it, you do NOT need any experience. Not convinced? Well ask yourself this one simple question. "If I didn't make money with my first website would I really take the time to build more than 12 of them containing hundreds of pages?"

This business involves writing simple web pages like the one you are reading right now. Here's proof. You will find pictures of me on all the sites shown below so you know it's for real. Once again, would I write more than one if I didn't make money on the others?

Pictures of us retired traveling full time in my motorhome. I just finished Vanabode - travel anywhere forever on $20 day. I am having serious fun writing about Las Vegas now too with my newest website.
My 16 year old son put these travel site pages up.
My wife built this helpful blood pressure site from our motor home while we cruised around the West Coast back in 2006.


Zion National Park where we worked from our motorhome for a month while hiking and exploring during the day

Image Above: shows us living in Zion using our old motorhome for over a month, hiking, rafting, swimming and shooting nature photography while we worked out of the camper at night. Since we love to travel, having a business that does not tie us to one geographic location is important.

Once your business is up and running you will only need to work 2 - 4 hours a day to maintain the profits. You can do it from anywhere, and you can choose ANY subject you want. I will help you build a website about a profitable topic you're interested in while making steady income from advertisers ALREADY lined up to be on your website. You don't do ANY sales! My wife and I have been traveling all over the United States for years now with the money I make from doing this. We work anywhere we feel like it from lawn chairs, poolside, bookstores, libraries, city parks, and water front areas or sitting on our couch in our motor home or the front seat of our van.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you want to quit your job and make money while having fun and traveling but you DO NOT want to work on the Internet then STOP reading this website and instead click the yellow image at the top of the page that reads "Click to Travel and Live Forever on $20 a day". This loads my new book Vanabode™ with 30+ ways OTHER than the Internet to make money from home or while traveling.

I can show you how to do this and I will do it for FREE. You don't pay me a cent. I offer facts about my strategy that should be incredible sources of encouragement to anyone who has ever dreamed of getting out of the rat race, retiring young, traveling, and enjoying their life instead of working all the time. It is important to realize that this is a carefully thought out, executed, and PROVEN plan that I have personally used since March 2004 to finance my early retirement at age 38, including full time travel all over the US and soon to be all over the world. If you decide that this is for you, you MUST do exactly as I instruct. I also make you a promise to buy your business from you at the end of your first year if things are not going the way you want. That's right. If you follow my instructions and aren't happy, I will BUY your business from you. Now the FACTS:

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Free air-conditioned office, with coffee vendor and wireless Internet.


You must be able to read, type on a computer with Internet access, and follow written instructions. That's it. Period. Nothing else. READ, TYPE and FOLLOW my instructions. If you can do that you can make the money…seriously I don't care if you don't know anything about the Internet, building web sites, or getting traffic. You will be given detailed step-by-step instructions on exactly what to do. Can you type? Can you follow instructions? The first year you MUST work 400 hours, which is about 8 hours a week. If you have more time, you can work 40-50 hours a week and start seeing income in 60 days or so. Of course as with any business the more you work the more money you make.

The most important point of my business is that you will make good money AND you will KEEP IT! Most people do not understand that keeping the money is what counts. If you spend as much as you make, buying advertising, marketing, renting offices, hiring people, overhead, etc., for your pitiful hot dog stand, lawn care company, or basket weaving school then you don't make any profit! Profit allows me to travel anywhere I want, when I want, without a schedule, without a boss, forever...Seriously.

If you know anything about business you will see just how incredible this all is. Super low overhead coupled with super low start up costs, 90% profits, and my "I'll buy your business from you if you aren't happy promise", make this business unbeatable. You do NOT need a business license or business checking account. You do NOT need to incorporate. You do NOT NEED lots of money. You do NOT need special equipment or even normal items like insurance, phones, offices or real estate, transportation, etc. You do NOT need employees. You do NOT need certifications, college degrees or special skills. This is NOT MLM or any kind of pyramid scheme. You could literally run your entire business from a chair in a bookstore, sitting on your porch, or sunning poolside while your kids play nearby. It's so easy, my 16 year old son has already started making money by typing up web pages with my help and the secrets I've given him. That's it, a computer, Internet connection, and some time.


Click if you really want to see a bigger picture of me.
Working, if you can call it that, at world famous Red Rock Resort Casino and Spa in Las Vegas. All you need is laptop. Sit back, enjoy your family, have fun, and write when you want more money.

I got motivated while working at NASA from 2002-2005 and acquired a secret insurance document that proved that, on average, for every year a person works past the age of 55 they end up living TWO YEARS LESS! They researched thousands of records to come up with this, and trust me nobody knows about life span like the insurance companies. For every year corporate America keeps you in that chair past the age of 55 you will give up TWO YEARS OF YOUR LIFE! In other words WORK KILLS later in life. This report proves working past the age of 55 is unhealthy for most people. In typical jobs here in the U.S. there is just too much stress, and too many loose ends to worry about. Too many pathetic people surrounding you with ridiculous comments, ideas, and meaningless chores sucking the life out of you. I HATED it! So even though I don't like to work, I forced myself to come home after working 40 hours for NASA and work 2-3 hours each night. I worked on this new Internet business 10-15 hours a week doing what I can show you how to do. If you don't currently have a job you can do this 40 hours a week and speed things up. The bottom line is, with a little time, you can do what I did, which is build your business part time, BEFORE quitting your crappy day job. Once you see how much you can make you can quit your job if you feel like it.

Summary: I can show anyone regardless of experience how to earn thousands of dollars a month, working with nothing more than a computer, doing nothing more than following my instructions, reading and typing, with very little start up cost, so you can retire when you feel like it and do whatever your dream of a good life is, and I will do it for free. For those interested I will also be available via email to help you along with anything that is not clear. Later I may charge for consulting support but for now it's free.

When you are ready to get started - Click Here to get Site Build It (SBI). This Internet Business System enables beginners like you and I to make the money.
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Once you are rolling email me at (remove the XXX's) and ask me to send you my free personal Retire Now Guide by Jason Odom. Do NOT give my Retire Now Guide to anyone else. It is a special gift for those who have visited my website and are following the plan shown above. It shows you how to make even more money with insider tips that have tripled my income in 7 months.

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